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Current and Upcoming Releases


The released series, The Blue Series falls into the genres Romantic Suspense, New Adult, Contemporary Romance. However, the upcoming releases I am working on not only fall into those categories, but many others. To name a few, currently, I'm working on an MC book...that will probably become a series as well. It'll be a series. Once I get into writing, it's hard to me to stop, so I don't write many standalones. Another work in progress, will absolutely be a tearjerker, it's not that I plan to make people cry, it's the characters in my head. Blame the characters for anything that makes you feel like yelling. I'll take the hugs and love, though.

Just Breathe​​

  • ISBN-13: 978-1502363688

Life is full of the unexpected. At times, the only thing you can do is just breathe. For twenty-four year old Cassandra Anderson, life hasn't been easy. Haunted daily by her own demons and memories of the past, she suffers from panic attacks and questionable anal-retentiveness. The motto she lives by is "Trust no one. Fear nothing." Bartender Lucas Daniels comes into her life like a whirlwind. Hot enough to melt wax, he is tantalizing, sometimes overbearing, and quite possibly one of her weaknesses. Lucas, having secrets of his own, understands pain all too well. Only time can tell what the future holds for them. Will Lucas cause Cass to question everything? Will she be drawn to him or will they end in resentment? Due to the nature of this book, it is only recommended for mature audiences. 18+

Waiting to Breathe

  • ISBN-13: 978-1515306931

When the stage lights dim and the spotlight surrounds you, do you perform for the world? Giving it your best effort to deceive every eye upon you into believing everything is fine. On the other hand, would the pressure cripple you, bare and broken, waiting to breathe? Dartanya Waters finds herself constantly putting on a masquerade for everyone around her. On the outside, everyone sees her as a happy, quirky twenty-one year old. Internally, she buries her thoughts, hiding her fears behind a fake smile and false confidence. Panic flows through her veins, and no one knows the horror threatening her sanity and life on a daily basis. She is every man’s fantasy, and every woman wants to be her. That is, except her. She would give anything to rewrite her story and live tomorrow carefree, but for her, that isn’t possible. When the walls of her life finally fall and she has to fight to the surface, Nate Daniels is there to pull her from the wreckage. He’s searching for the one thing he’s never let go of. Love. He is stubborn, bold, and the only constant in her life that gives her hope. How much time and sorrow will pass before she forgets who she is and she loses herself completely? The ultimatum the two face is to find their happily ever after or drown in the sea of lies Dartanya spreads throughout their relationship. The path they follow is up to them...or is it?

Chaos Chelle C Craze E-Cover_preview.jpe

  • ISBN-13: 978-1978221796

Drex and I weren’t two of a kind. We more closely resembled the rare one-eyed Jack’s or suicide kings of the deck. The wild cards people often overlooked, tucking them into the pile, without ever giving them a second glance. Never knowing how truly special they could be, if paired correctly. 

Honestly, we were simply two lonely souls, trying to find direction.
When I thought my story had reached its finale, his had merely began. I’d fought for so long to barely survive that I had entirely forgotten what it meant to live. Drex was my reminder.

Somethings happened without reason and some reasons never made sense. This was how it was between the two of us. I never knew from one second to the next what to expect. Except the unexpected, that was. I learned to accept what I couldn’t change and to grow with what I could. 

There were more than enough reasons why we shouldn’t be together, but certain things in this world were unstoppable. Natural disasters. Death. Drex and me. Apart, each were abrupt and life changing, but when they intertwined, they could only be described as one thing: Beautifully chaotic


  • ISBN-13: 978-1721220472


Life was full of choices. It was how you handled that responsibility that really mattered. Making the best decisions was never something I was notoriously known for, though. I was tenacious and the biggest obstacle I had to overcome. Usually. There was this thing that I had no control over. Two things, actually.

Really, I was just a stubborn girl who grew to be a headstrong woman. When your heart knew such tragedy as mine, being happy wasn’t something you foresaw in your future. Fate flipped a switch in my head when I saw my first dead body, but didn’t mentally prepare me to find the second. The second destroyed me. 


I’d seen more than my share of wickedness in the world and made all the wrong choices, but it didn’t matter. Until her. I was just a timid boy who grew to be a man without direction. She was my compass and the only sanctuary I knew. The thing about being saved was you couldn’t truly find refuge, if it wasn’t yours to begin with. My heart wanted her, but another was her saving grace. She was always mine.

When your foundation was built on lies and murder, it was impossible for your future to be painted as a beautiful one. 

It was like pouring whiskey onto gunpowder and then dropping a lit match to test its strength. If the alcohol burned, leaving only a solitary black line to burn beneath the flame, it was clear you had proof of merit. Eventually, you’d only be left with whiskey and wildfire.

Dahlia eCover.jpg


  • ASIN: B07J9W3CDL



Four of my best friends and I started a journey five years ago not knowing
where it would take us. We built an empire from the bottom up, and now we
are successful businesswomen. But one thing has been missing: love.

My name is Dahlia Lucas and I’m one of the chemists in our company,
ScentSations. Unlike my friends, I don’t put faith in much of anything. 

Especially love. 

As a chemist, time for real life is out of the question, so friends with benefits
suit me best. All the fun without the commitment and whining. 
Enter Griff Howell, who turns everything I believe into question. 

Only time and extensive research can give me a real answer. I need to
know which one of us is right. He swears love is real, but I know it is
nothing more than lust and pheromones.

Dirty Villains


  • ASIN: B07JF6K17H


Ask yourself, what makes a villain? Is it a skewed moral code or lack thereof completely? Is it the motivation of darkness burning within their soul or is it how they choose to embrace it? To get what their black hearts desire, they may have to give in to temptation and consume the light coming their way.

Follow your favorite villains as they finally get a chance to unveil their side of the story. You may find the heroines painted a bit more vexing than you recall. As you take this journey, allow your mind to remain open and your thoughts might just surprise you.

You may find, you're a villain, too.

We won't judge you, if you don't judge us.

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